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Yogi Johnson brings decades of experience and knowledge to Seattle and enlists only the best of the best. If you’re interested in joining the newest facility pulsing through Seattle, please reach out to us at 206-325-3000 or fill out our form HERE.

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At Pulse Fitness, we’re all about you — and helping you look, feel, move, play, perform and enjoy life better than ever. We offer personal training, classes and more to help you:

Lose Weight & Feel Great

Improve Your Strength, Balance and Endurance

Increase Your Energy

Increase Your Metabolism

Lower Your Resting Heart Rate

Improve Your Core Strength and Flexibility

Decrease Body Fat

Build Muscle

Get Toned

Improve Athletic Performance

Achieve Sport-specific or Other Life Goals

Become a Whole New You

About Us

Pulse was designed from the ground up by certified fitness professional Yogi Johnson. Her vision was to create a space where clients would feel welcome, fully supported, and inspired to do more than you thought possible.

We are proud to feature the latest fitness equipment, a cool space and — best of all — personal trainers who rock. All are all certified, client-focused and genuinely interested in your success.

No matter where you are on your fitness journey, you’ll find a positive, fun and inspirational vibe at Pulse.

  • Built with YOU in mind

    Pulse is a private fitness studio dedicated to one-on-one and small group training.No crowds. No waiting for equipment. No limits to what you and your trainer can do.

  • About Our Trainers

    Our trainers are some of the best in the Seattle area all passionate about helping people achieve their individual goals.

  • Let’s Connect

    Let’s connect on Facebook! We’ll keep you up to date with current promos, tips and industry news to help make your fitness journey complete!

no crowds, no waiting for equipment, and virtually no limits…


Dave Z

“I’ve been working with personal trainer Elizabeth Goodheart for three months- 90 of the most impactful days of my life. Lizzie is a master motivator, a person who makes me feel like I can accomplish my goals, and then helps me get there. If you are looking to cut weight, add muscle, and live a more healthy life, then you need to book an appointment with Lizzie Goodheart.” –David Z

Dave Z
Sandy Berlin

I had remembered seeing a post in a neighborhood list serve about a trainer who worked with tennis players, and when I decided to give myself the gift of working with a trainer for my 70th birthday, I called for an appointment. When I first met Yogi, I said that my goal was to stay injury-free so I could continue to play tennis with my 18+ team. It’s been two years now, and I play tennis several times a week—still injury-free! Yogi not only provides me strength training, but she also designs exercises that mimic moves I make on the court hitting shots, moving to the ball, and increasing my power. I am both physically and mentally stronger as a result of her encouragement and dogged determination to keep me positive in the face of younger competition.

Sandy Berlin
Kim Kendall

I lost 26 pounds and regained my health because of Yogi’s dogged determination, not to just my fitness, but to me. What you come to realize and is that the real motivator beneath her true expertise and facility for getting you fit, is that Yogi really cares and wants the best for you all around. This kind of commitment to clients is hard to find. Because that commitment is combined with her years of experience and enthusiasm (even evidenced by dancing & singing at times), if you put your determination together with hers, you can become stronger (& lighter) in every way! I whole heartedly can recommend getting and staying fit with Yogi!

Kim Kendall
Corey Rawdon

My husband and I started working with Yogi in March 2014 to prepare for our wedding and loved her training style so much that we have continued on! Yogi’s training style combines core fitness, cardio, and strength training in new and exciting ways (except for those darn sandbags!) that always keeps our workouts interesting and never boring — even going twice a week or more. Her keen focus on core strength before big muscles has helped set the stage for strong strength training workouts later on that would have been impossible for us when we first started. It is this type of training expertise, strong knowledge of combination exercises, and her love of sandbags (no really, she loves those things) that keeps us coming back to Yogi every single week. Even though my husband and I have different goals, and even different needs when working out, Yogi handles this seamlessly and we leave each workout feeling, well, like we have truly worked out so couples training is no issue for her. Having worked out with personal trainers before unsuccessfully I can attest to the struggle with finding someone who listens, is knowledgeable, and is there for you every step of the way — Yogi is this person.

Corey RawdonCorey Rawdon
Beth Takekawa

When I met Yogi I had never worked with a fitness trainer before. I was interested in losing some weight and getting more healthy. My doctor had warned me that it was almost impossible to lose weight at my age. My results in a little over a year have far exceeded my expectations. Yogi combines exercise with nutrition programs. My challenge with gym regimens has always been boredom, but working with Yogi I have certainly never been bored. I’ve never had a training session that was identical to another. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is fun. Along with getting stronger and losing weight, all my previous joint issues that required periodic physical therapy have resolved. Working with Yogi I felt secure in pushing myself without injury. I celebrated my new self with a mountain hike that included an 11,000′ pass, and completed the hike in amazing shape. Thanks Yogi!

Beth Takekawa

“I’ve never been a gym person, but I wanted to strengthen my core and decided to try Pulse Fitness. I’ve been working with Liz. Three words, amazing, personalized, and effective!” -Sandi E

Sandi E