Online & Virtual Training Programs

Out-Of-State? No problem! If you’re traveling or just can’t make it to the gym, PULSE offers custom workout programs for you to do on your own schedule!

How it works:

  • Call or email to set up your initial consultation by phone, Skype, Facetime or in in person to get a quote.
  • Download and complete our Health History Form and fax it to: 206-325-3903.

Your first step is a (virtual or in-person) discussion with your trainer. You’ll talk about your goals, health history and current fitness level, where and how you’ll be doing your workouts, and such. Based on this initial meeting, we will send you a customized workout program that you will do at home, at your local gym or throughout your travels. Elements may include anything from Tabata high intensity training to isometrics you can do sitting on a plane or some other creative combination for you and your situation.

Depending on the program duration you commit to — and you do have to commit to make this successful — you’ll check in with your trainer periodically to discuss your progress and update your program as needed.